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‘Low Life’ by Roland Orzabal
Great cut from Orzabal’s album..very underrated project that came out around 2001.

Texas has given out more than $500 million from the Enterprise Fund — and hundreds of millions of dollars more in local property tax breaks — to entice businesses to the Lone Star State. But many legislators there now question why Texas has paid so much to companies that account for a tiny fraction of the state’s job growth.

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as many as 12 million Americans were living on $2 per day or less in 2012. That equates to one in four of the 46.5 million people in the US who were surviving below the official national poverty line of around $16 per day in 2012. It also amounts to 4 per cent of the population, a figure that the researchers point out is not flattering for the US when you compare it to Russia (with 0.1 per cent of the population living on $2/day or less according to the World Bank), the West Bank and Gaza (0.3 per cent), Jordan (1.6 per cent) or the urban populations in Argentina (1.9 per cent) and China (3.5 per cent).

For a handful of states, nearly half the home sales in Q2 were all-cash buys: Florida led the way (57.9 percent), (via Where Cash Buys Are Hitting the Housing Market Hardest - CityLab)