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Millenial Migration

"Besides the striking moves into D.C. and a few other places, the latest list of Millennial hotspots looks remarkably familiar — with young people going to the same “cool” places they have for a while. Following D.C. and Denver on the charts, Portland, Oregon, occupies the No. 3 slot, followed by places like Austin and Seattle. (A whole list follows.). Some metros more popular with Millennials like Dallas and Atlanta appear to be losing some of their luster.."

Accenture Survey Shows Innovation ROI Remains Elusive

"Only 34 percent believe their company has a well-defined innovation strategy, 46 percent say they have become more risk averse in considering new ideas and 45 percent see their company pursuing a portfolio of smaller, safer opportunities rather than seeking the next breakthrough. On a variety of measures—initial idea generation, product development, manufacturing, testing, commercialization and launch, portfolio optimization and realizing a positive ROI from innovation—executives are less satisfied today than in 2009."